Straddle Carriers

The fastest choice for medium-size terminals handling between 100,000 and  4,000,000 TEU a year is a systems based on straddle carriers. The straddle carriers functions as a independent system.

Kalmar has now launched the 7 generation straddle carrier family  that offers the optimum choice for every type of straddle carrier operator, the new 7th generation range covers all models from a shuttle carrier to 4-high straddle carrier.

For high performance advanced terminals the enhanced Kalmar Edrive® ESC range offers now lower operating costs, stronger sideframe for continuous twinlift operation and modular drive system with direct driven wheel hubs.  The new W-type front cabin together with Smoothlift™  hoist system and rigid frame ensures  excellent visibility and driver comfort which makes the enhanced Edrive® the ultimate driver’s machine. Engine and cabin are positioned to the furthest points at top frame for maximum driver comfort.

Some terminals are situated near cities and housing areas, the new winch rope hoist option for Edrive® makes the new ESC W  very environmentally friendly with full AC drives and enables the regenerative power distribution between host and drive functions. Excellent fuel economy and reduced environmental impact help in protecting the environment while the AC drive system guarantee excellent performance and productivity.

The new Kalmar CSC Straddle Carrier, the powerful workhorse with Smoothlift™ hoist combines strong performance with unrivalled reliability. CSC is the most popular straddle carrier in the world. Performance is further boosted with the new wet disc brakes system and the new W-type cabin with optional 180 degrees turning drivers seat and steering console for improved ergonomics.  Also the compatibility with Kalmar’s new RMI (remote maintenance interface) system means improved availability and faster troubleshooting.

Kalmar SHC Shuttle Carrier ® is the fastest way between ship and stack.. The  concept combines Shuttle Carriers® with stacking cranes to better serve ship-to-shore cranes. This shuttle system is taking container handling at ports into a new era. In future mega terminals, shuttle carriers are able to create the needed performance boost by allowing buffering and independent fast work cycles for the ship-to-shore cranes as well as the yard crane interface. Also smaller terminals can now take benefit from shuttle carrier® performance by combining reach stacker and shuttle operation. When shuttle can replaces terminals tractor+trailer combination in horizontal transportation the productivity of both ship-to-shore cranes and reach stacker is increased by 20-30% when waiting time is removed between machines in the terminal.